Finding Joy In The Open Air

My morning run – on some days I dream up answers to all the world’s problems or process the day before.  Others, I may simply take in all the sights, sounds, and smell of the beach and count my blessings.

When I began running about 10 years ago it was all about time, distance and 5k medals, but those things no longer mean much to me.

South Florida Sunrise Brings Clarity

This past summer I dusted my running shoes off after a two-year break – just one byproduct of some recent and significant changes in my training regimen.

The family has moved to a new bjj school, and I parted ways with my strength and conditioning coach of 8+ years. Both are hard changes that I knew in my heart should have happened a while ago, but I kept holding on.
Why? Because of the relationships, comfort, my desire to be loyal and do the right thing, and that ever so popular fear of change.
The changes were scary, and it took some time to mourn lost relationships and the familiarity of my routine.  However, it didn’t take long for me to realize that I’m much better for it all.

Learning To Let Go And Embrace New Experiences

Fast forward a few months -what’s  on the other side of these changes?

I begin at least three days a week with a sunrise beach side run.  I find my joy in the open air, beautiful view, friendly faces on the broadwalk, and the precious time to let my mind go wherever it wants.

The BJJ school gives us fresh challenges in the gentle art with new teammates and an amazing Professor.

Our new team Alliance under Professor Carlos Rollyson

Tom and I train together more often in bjj classes that better meet both of our schedules and while not on the mat, climbing the tower stairs at the local nature center.
I have more time and energy.  I was coasting through a tightly scheduled life before my recent transition.  I am learning to be a little less habitual and more intentional (key word is learning)  and finding time to work toward a few personal goals that have been on hold.

Running Stairs At The Local Park Observatory

Through my new adventures in yoga,  I’m learning how to quiet the mind and be in the moment,  all while challenging my body in fresh ways.  You

So I guess you can say that these changes I avoided ended up working for the good.
I ask you what change are you avoiding, and I challenge you to make it. You may just be surprised of the good that’s waiting for you on the other side.