moms-who-rollAre you a Mom who Rolls?  We want you to join the family.  Send us your story and some pictures of you in your Gi, training, competing, playing with your kids etc…  We will add you to our Moms Who Roll Page.  

The goal of this page is to encourage other moms and families to learn about Jiu Jitsu! The purpose of these questions is to help guide you in your submission. Please feel free to answer as many or as little questions as you want, as well as share other information that you think is relevant. If you cannot answer one of the questions, just skip it and move on! (I promise, it’s not a test and no grade we’ll be assigned! ) We just want to share your story and inspire other Moms to get on the mat!

Expand For Information Regarding Your Submission

BJJ School(s)/Coach(es):
How many kids do you have? (gender and ages)
Do your kids train?
If you have a spouse or significant other, do they train?
Where do you work? (Please note that being a full time at home mom is considered working! Include any volunteer work as well!!)
How do you balance time between training and the rest of your life/family commitments? Talk about time management, babysitting, traveling, time and financial commitments, etc.
How did you start training?
How often do you train?
Do you compete? What are your thoughts on competition?
Why is jiu jitsu important to you?
Do you, or have you, participated in other sports or martial arts?
What do you hope to teach your children through your training and Jiu Jitsu journey?
What advice do you have for a Mom who is considering trying Jiu Jitsu?
Please share any quotes that inspire you as a Jiu Jitsu Mom?
Please share anything else you’d like about your Jiu Jitsu journey

If your family trains –

How did your family start training? (Who started first? How did the other members get involved? Basically, tell us the story of how it all started?)
How often are you able to train together?
What are the pros and cons of being able to train together?
As a parent, what do you think Jiu Jitsu has done for your child(ren)?
What advice do you have for families selecting a coach for their families? Please share any personal stories about good or bad experiences your family had with coaches.
Do your family members compete? If yes, who?

How do you handle the anxiety of competition day? As a competitor? As a family member?
What advice can you share that might be helpful to other parents about keeping their children focused in Jiu Jitsu?

Do you have any other insight to share for a family interested in Jiu Jitsu?
Please complete the questions and email to Please also send a photos(s) of you and your family in action on and off of the mat. Responses and photos will be featured on the Moms Who Roll page of

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