Introducing the newest member of the Jiu Jitsu Family, Simba the Jiu Jitsu dog. Simba joined our family when he was 5 months old. We found him at the Humane Society and instantly fell in love with this Labrador mixed puppy.

Hunter meeting his new best friend for the 1st time.

Simba is full of spunk and has acclimated quickly to his new life with the Stewarts. The kids picked out his name “Simba” since he looked like the lion from Disney’s The Lion King. Hunter has a new best friend and takes the responsibility of attending puppy training classes weekly with Simba.

The growing pup is full of energy and can be an engine of destruction if left unattended. He enjoys playing ruffly (Rolling) with every member of the family.

Our dearly departed “Rocky” embodied the Zen philosophy of peace.

Simba brought new life to our family after we lost our previous Labrador named Rocket. Rocky had been part of our family for 15 years and it was heartbreaking to lose him. He was one of a pair of black labs that the kids grew up with, his sister “Love” passed away at the age of 10.

We look forward to many adventures with this spirited puppy who is growing at an alarming rate. If you want to share your Jiu Jitsu pet with us, browse to our Jiu Jitsu pets page and submit your pictures and story by clicking here.

Simba and Jen ringing in the New Year

Hunter & Simba Best Friends Forever

Simba’s Favorite Toy